Monday, March 05, 2007

March 21 or Self-Imposed Deadlines

For the few people that read this blog (namely Josh and Tom, it seems to me), I've imposed a deadline on myself for the first two chapters of my thesis, and in the interest of sticking to said imposition, I'm making public that this date is March 21. My first two chapters will be dealing with missional ecclesiology and the promise and challenges inherent for youth ministry (an introductory chapter more or less) and a theology of the laity that will find its extension to young people. Here's what I'm asking of you (whoever you might be): in the comments section, or via email, on March 14 (that's next Wednesday) check with me and see where my progress is at. If you know me well, call me. The more help I get in making sure I stick to this deadline the better. If want to read what I've written, feel free to drop me an email and I'll send a draft your way.


At 11:47 AM , Anonymous jes said...

I check your blog. Therefore I am.


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