Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Connection to the Indie Scene

Indie music is not something I pay that close of attention to. I like the music, generally, but just don't make time to keep up with who's who and what's good. Laziness on my part, really. But, I do have a connection.

My childhood friend, Justin Vernon, has been an indie musician in Deyarmond Edison until they broke up. They were a big deal in my hometown, and then replanted in Raleigh, NC and quickly gained a reputation. Then, through a variety of events, they split up (check out Megafaun if you liked DE's sound). Justin headed off to the NW Wisconsin woods to his dad's hunting cabin to figure some things out. He discovers some music in the pit of his soul, cuts a very rustic and different sounding album, releases it on the web, and there is this meteoric rise. Check out to listen. He eventually signs with a pretty major Indie label, is touring with some fairly big names, getting great reviews from Patchwork, NY Times, and the Boston Globe, and basically gaining a pretty decent following. It seems like it happened all of sudden, which it kind of did.

I'm not blogging to let the rest of the world in on his music (though check it out if you haven't). Enough of the Indie blogging world has done that. I'm writing to brag about my friend. I remember him always wanting to be a musician, about wanting to live in that world and be noticed for it, and not in some rock-star-I-want-to-be-famous kind of way. He loves his music, and wanted to always invite others into it, as many as possible. He dreamed about it from like 5th grade on. When I stumbled across all the press a few nights ago, I literally teared up for him. It was like watching a dream come true. We don't stay in touch, something I regret. I'll probably give him a call. But I wanted to post about him, just in case he stumbles across it to let him know how happy I am for him, and how proud I am to always call him friend. Well done, JD.


At 6:07 AM , Blogger Gil said...

Hi Eric: Gil Here. Isn't cyberspace wonderful in that it allows us to make connections like this. Nice post about JD...but you forgot to mention that you were in a band with him at South ("Skillet"). We have video of you to prove it..showing you playing three notes on the keybord and then running and jumping all around the stage and then playing three more notes and jumping again. Stop out at Christmas and we will dig it out.

At 7:30 AM , Blogger Erik said...


Thanks for the note. Our Christmas is pretty hectic, but I'm certainly going to find time to come out and see that video. I'm sure my wife would love to see me in all my glory. One correction: I believe our band was called "Daisy Factor" but there was one incarnation of it called Skillet.

Also, I don't know if you heard, but we had a baby boy in April, and I'd love to introduce him to you all. Good to hear from you. Been to Canada lately?


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