Monday, January 21, 2008

The Spirit of Christ

Thomas a Kempis begins his treatise with a brief paragraph. We are encouraged to meditate upon the life of Christ, to then act accordingly, that is to find our life therein. Knowing the difficulty of such a task, Thomas insists that it is by the Spirit of Christ that we are empowered for this life. Hearing and understanding lead to action in the Spirit of Christ.

Thomas' words are very simply understood. They are often taught. Are they often taken to heart? How many times do we understand the words of Christ, know who he is, and yet never fully give ourselves over to those words by following him? What if we did so? How would our churches look different if we understood Christ and "endeavored to conform our life wholly to the life of Christ?" How would our lives look different? How would our world view us? Is it really that simple, or in its simplicity is this calling quite difficult? May the Spirit of Christ be our guide as we seek to faithfully be conformed to the One who teaches us and calls us to his way of life.


At 9:40 AM , Blogger Don said...

one idea comes to me from a recent lunch - the 10% rule. Change 10% of your life by 10%, make small changes that can effect the larger picture...


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