Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Princeton... that Temptress

So somewhere Jesus talks about the devil masquerading as something good, an angel of light or something like that. Makes discernment kinda tough sometimes. I get that passage a whole lot better today.

I'm in Princeton. Amy, Soren and I flew in to Philly last night, and spent the evening with our good friends, Raymond and Heidi Bonwell (and their three kids). This morning I met my other good friend, Jonathan, for breakfast at PJ's Pancakes, a wonderful little establishment on the famed Nassau St, that I did frequent enough during my three years here. After a delightful breakfast, we made our way to Small World, the best coffee in Princeton. Then I walked the few blocks over to campus, and my academic senses perked up. I miss this place. I miss the conversations. Right now, I'm eavesdropping on a conversation about the canon. Some may think such conversations are mundane, unnecessary, a waste of time. To me they are invigorating and help fuel creativity for ministry. I feel this lure, a seductive beckon, to return.

"Come, walk among the endless shelves of books again, Erik," she says. Enthralled with her beauty, I am tempted. Someday, I am sure, but not now.

P.S. I don't think Princeton is the devil.


At 3:40 PM , Anonymous joshua said...

stay put dude! Princton is the devil! jk

At 4:57 PM , Anonymous jes said...

I never realized that PJ's had the foresight to buy!

At 6:33 PM , Blogger thehbs said...

Your post makes me wish we could have frozen last year in time. Hope you have a great visit.

At 11:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey it's the other hb here...

Wondering if Princeton is female because she is a temptress or male because he is the devil. Interesting implications either way.

Ok, smart a$$ comment for the day is over with.

And hugs congrats on little LB #2 :-)

Jess HB

At 3:21 PM , Blogger Darren said...

Heard you were here, heard I missed you. You should have dropped that wedding for what really matters ... cards!

Congrats on the #2 news!

At 2:48 PM , Anonymous Celulite said...

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